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March 2019

1. Please note the area is covered by a Protection Order. A permit is required to fish.

2. Rod and line fishing will only be allowed for trout on the waters during the period 15th March to 6th October inclusive each year.

3. Fishing shall be by fly only; using a hand held rod, except on such waters as the administrators shall from time to time declare available to other methods. The use of live fish as bait is strictly prohibited. Non-local live fish not to be taken to, or introduced to any waters.

4. Fishing is restricted to one hand held rod per angler at any one time, except as described for trolling on waters where that method is permitted.

NB: No setlines are allowed (i.e. rods placed on the bank or boat with bait in the water)

5. A maximum of two rods per boat is allowed when trolling on lochs where trolling is permitted and may be secured to the boat. This is the only exception to the hand held rod rule.

6. No boat permits will be issued to persons under 18 years of age. Not more than three adults shall occupy a boat simultaneously unless that boat exceeds 14 feet in length.

7. No Sunday fishing on Lochs Assynt (S10/E6), School (S4), Glencanisp (S5), or Awe (E17).

8. No bank fishing on Lochs School (s4), Glencanisp (s5), & Awe (E17).

9. Spinning/Trolling allowed from boat on Lochs Beannach (W5), Cam (E21), Veyatie (E22) and Assynt (S10/E6). Loch Assynt has a 4 mile bank zone where spinning and artificial lures is permitted (marked in yellow on large colour map - link on home page).

10. Please keep off islands and clear of artificial rafts.

11. No launching or use of boats other than those provided by the Assynt Angling Group.

12. Anglers shall exhibit their permit on demand by any warden who produces his or her warrant card or Assynt Angling Club member who produces their membership card. Anglers shall exhibit the aforesaid persons the tackle used and any fish caught if requested.

13. Anglers shall return to the water any fish less than 9 inches in length, measured from the nose to the centre of the tail fork provide such fish are able to survive on release.

14. Float Tubes are permitted except on Lochs, Awe (E17) and Druim Suardalain (S5).

15. Use of personal engines is permitted except on the Glen Loch (S5).

16.  Copy of the full Bye-laws is available on request.

Assynt Angling Group Rules