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March 2019

13ft Polyprops

Lomond Boat - 13ft

The Angling Group has, at this time, twenty three boats on twenty lochs, some with easy access. Two have minor modifications for anglers with mobility problems.  Engines are available for hire on Loch Fionn(S1), Loch Cam(E21), Loch Veyatie(E22) and the three boats on Loch Assynt(E6,S10 and W18).  As boats can drift quite quickly in a moderate breeze, the use of a drogue is recommended.

The boat type and mooring grid references (o/s Landranger sheet 15) are as follows:-

Loch Assynt (tail), 15 ft Polyprop, GR168256 (M)

Loch Innse Fraoich, 13ft Polyprop, GR164263

Loch Beannach, 13ft Polyprops (2), GR141262

Loch Bad nan Aighean, 13ft Polyprop, GR135255

Loch Leitir Easaidh, 13ft Polyprop, GR169264

Loch an Ruighein, 12ft Polyprop, GR154267

Loch Uidh na Geadaig, 13ft Polyprop, GR152256

Loch a’Ghlinnien, 13ft Polyprop, GR166233

Loch Assynt (Mid), 15ft Polyprop, GR201261 (M)

Loch Culag, 13ft Fibreglass, GR097218 (M)

Druim Suardalain, 13ft Fibreglass, GR109218 (M)

Loch a’ Choin, 13ft Polyprop, GR082187

Bad na Muirichinn, 13ft Polyprop, GR090199

Loch Fionn, 13ft Polyprop, GR123178

Loch an Arbhair, 13ft Polyprop, GR078187

Loch Bad An Sluic, 13ft Polyprop, GR150217

Loch An Leothaid, 13ft Polyprop, GR130228

Loch Dubh, 13ft Polyprop, GR073244

Loch Assynt (Head), 15ft Polyprop, GR248220 (M)

Loch Awe, 13ft Fibreglass, GR248158 (M)

Loch Cam, 13ft Polyprop, GR215125

Loch Veyatie, 13ft Polyprop, GR209122

Lochs suffixed (M) denote migratory waters

The Assynt Angling Group recommend the use of lifejackets in all its boats.

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