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March 2019

General Information
When you purchase your permit from one of our vendors, you should also be given our brochure. The leaflet contains a map, byelaws and boat locations.
Clothing and Equipment: If you are new to fishing in the Highlands there are a few common sense measure you can adopt. Firstly, it is often said by local anglers that the further you are prepared to walk, the better the fishing will be'. All anglers should be in possession of the relevant OS Map. If you are going into the hill then you should have a reasonable level of health and fitness. For the not so fit, we have a number of lochs within a very short walk from the road. For those not familiar with the Highland 'midge', it arrives in June and lasts until October. Not a problem until     
the wind drops! Then look out! A good insect repellent is a must.  A suitable midge hat can also be useful.
All anglers should be aware that the nature of the weather can change suddenly in the Highlands. Appropriate clothing and footwear should be brought.
Our boats will not be allowed out if it is deemed unsafe by the issuer. In general terms, if there is a poor forecast or white water is observed on the lochs, then the boats will stay in.  If anglers get caught out by sudden increases in the wind then it is vital that they make for the closest bank and do not attempt to get back to the mooring.
Fishing Gear: This is very much a personal choice. For the angler new to the area it can increase enjoyment if you have the right fishing tackle.  Rods: although our Iochs hold some very large trout, these come to the fly rarely. About 3 or 4 trout in excess of 41bs are caught each season. The vast majority of the Highland Brown trout are between 6 and 12 ounces. Your choice of rod should reflect this.
AFTM 4-6 is recommended with line to match.  Both sinking and floating lines should be brought, but the majority of fish are taken high in the water from late May onwards. Leaders of 2-4Lbs are the norm. Your length of leader should approximate the length of the rod, the more experienced angler may prefer longer leaders.  In general terms, the lighter your gear, the better the fight!
We do have a limited number of Auto Lifejackets and Boat Drogues available for hire but it is recommended that, if you have them, bring your own.
Flies: For the experienced angler this is very much a matter of choice. For the not so experienced, the following list may prove helpful: Invicta, Teal Blue and Silver, Mallard & Claret, Goats Toe, Alexandra, Black Pennel, Bibio, Ke-He, Blue Zulu, Kate McLaren, Loch Ordie, Olive / Claret Bumble, Mini Muddlers, Black Gnat, Blue Dun, Dark Olive. All these flies have proved successful at various time, depending on conditions.

6lbs 6oz trout caught on size 8 Soldier Palmer